confirmed [adj] habitual; rooted accepted, accustomed, chronic, deep-rooted, deep-seated, dyed-in-the-wool*, entrenched, firmly established, fixed, habituated, hardened, hard-shell*, ingrained, inured, inveterate, long-established, proved, seasoned, settled, staid, valid, worn; concepts 542,798 —Ant. indefinite, infrequent, sporadic, uncommitted, unconfirmed, undecided

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  • confirmed — [kən fʉrmd′] adj. 1. firmly established, as in a habit or condition; habitual [a confirmed bachelor] 2. chronic, as a disease 3. corroborated; proved 4. a) having received Christian confirmation b) having reaffirmed belief through Jewish… …   English World dictionary

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  • confirmed — con|firmed [ kən fɜrmd ] adjective 1. ) only before noun always living in a particular way, having a particular belief, or behaving in a particular way: He is a confirmed bachelor. a confirmed atheist 2. ) proved and therefore known to be true or …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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  • confirmed — UK [kənˈfɜː(r)md] / US [kənˈfɜrmd] adjective 1) [only before noun] always living in a particular way, having a particular belief, or behaving in a particular way He is a confirmed bachelor. a confirmed atheist 2) proved and therefore known to be… …   English dictionary

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